What Is Online Backup?

We’re here to give you the low-down on all things online backup, and recommend some of our favourite providers.

  • My PC Backup

    Simple, unlimited online storage with loads of extras, including file syncing, external hard drive backup and plenty more.

  • CrashPlan

    One of the fastest growing online backup providers, it has an Australian data centre and products for individuals, SMEs and Enterprises.

  • Just Cloud

    These guys are part of the ‘just’ about anything group. With website hosting among ‘just’ some of the other things they offer.

  • Mozy

    One the the first companies to offer online backup services, and one of the biggest. Well established with a range of plans to suit all your backup needs.

  • Jungle Disk

    Part of the hosting giant Rackspace, Jungle Disk has personal plans starting at just $2 per month and business plans at only $4 month.

  • SOS Online Backup

    Not the cheapest and not unlimited data; however, they do have a seriously good set of features that are well worth digging into.

  • SugarSync

    Known more for its file sharing capabilities, used well can make a great option for backing up your most critical files.

  • Dropbox

    A lot like SugarSync, but perhaps just a little more famous. Multi-device and -platform backup bliss, for a small price.

  • Backblaze

    The team at Backblaze like making life easy. The keep things simple and clear with no hidden gotchas. Good prices too!